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A backlink is a link that is built out on another website and is placed within a guest post or blog post from that editor. That link will contain what is called an “anchor text”. This text is what Google will identify back to your site. There are two types of anchor text you can use – brand keywords or commercial keywords. Brand keywords are keywords containing your name or URL. These help build your presence in Google as a real brand selling a real product. This will help you avoid being flagged for Spam when you’re building commercial keywords. Commercial keywords are keywords that are linked to keywords you’re trying to achieve in ranking within the search engine. These are typically words that do not have your name in them and they’re usually more general – which means they’re typically higher volume producing keywords. We will be campaigning for a mixture of Brand and Commercial keywords.

Moncada Marketing Has Premium Backlinks

  • Forbes.com?
  • inc.com?
  • HuffingtonPost?
  • BusinessInsider?
  • We Have Access to thousand's of high quality websites!

We will only be building links from websites with solid domain authorities (no lower than 10). These websites will be within your industry.

High-Quality Link Building is the most important aspect of SEO. 1 high-quality backlink is equivalent to literally hundreds of low-quality backlinks. For example, acquiring 5 high quality backlinks could be equal to acquiring 500-700 low quality backlinks.